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Glulam press systems

MWith our patented “lignoPRESS” press system, you opt for an elaborate press system, which has already proven itself many times in practice. The glulam production with our press system enables an efficient production with a minimum use of raw materials.


The special benefits of our press system are due to:


  • Shortest possible cycle times by simultaneously moving press charges in and out.
  • Shortest possible cycle times through the press block with transverse travel consisting of several individual pressing chambers. This allows creating a new press charge while the others are still being pressed.
  • Prevention of the formation of diamond-shaped beams through a lateral pressure initiated in the center of the press and then closing radially from top to bottom.
  • Possible material savings though high pressure levels (top and lateral pressure)
  • Due to the short cycle times suitable for the currently fastest approved gluing systems and an order-based production with batch size 1.


With our presses and pertaining beam formation systems, it is also possible to arrange several lamellas next to each other and either produce a glued block or combine several press charges in a single press filling.


Our press system not only includes the actual glulam press, but also the upstream and downstream mechanical equipment.


Our scope of supply includes:


  • „lignoPRESS“ glued laminated timber press for the production of straight beams
  • Removal of the press charge downstream of the press with reversing station and separation system


Press fill width 320 or 480 mm
Press fill height 65 – 1750 mm
Press length 6 – 24 m
Pressing pressure, top 1 – 2,3 N/mm², depending on the type of press
Pressure elements hydraulic


With the lignoPRESS glulam press, pressing pressures of 0.8 N/mm ² for timber with relief groove, and 1 N/mm ² for timber without relief groove – as recommended by EN14080 – are reached safely in each configuration. When producing with the lignoPRESS, relief grooves in the lamellas are not required.