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Optimization “LM-Optim”

The “LM-Optim” laser board measuring and optimization software was developed specifically for our sawing machines. This user-friendly software takes into account the special requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as:


  • Easy editing of cutting patterns to increase added value
  • Acquisition of job data from production planning for quantity-related production. Customer orders can be entered in the office and transferred to the machine online.
  • Board optimization
  • Preparation of statistics such as shift, output or daily logs
  • Easy and comfortable operation of the machine via a 19″ touch screen on which all essential machine and board data can be visualized and adjusted if necessary.


With our new optimization program, you maximize added value:


  • The allowable width and thickness of the wane can be stated in absolute terms in millimeters or as a percentage.
  • Visualization of the cutting products before edging on the feed table (moving animated image) with the option to take corrective action and manually adjust the cutting pattern.
  • Detection of the actual parallelism of sharp-edged boards.
  • The torsion of the boards is compensated by optimization.
  • The quality of each product can be assigned separately offering an effective option to influence and/or customize the yield.


Our optimization program is user-friendly:


  • Clear presentation of optimization and machine settings
  • Storage capability for measured profiles including cutting and product data for follow-up inspection
  • Real-time tracking of the measuring profile of all installed laser sensors
  • Automatic measurement error correction
  • Several optimization options


With „LM-Optim“ you see the entire picture:


  • Clear visualization of yield and output
  • With the statistics module, different logs for any period of time may even be summarized, stored and printed for individual customers and product ranges.
  • All data can be transferred online to separate computers.