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Mechanical strength grading

Especially in the context of the CE certification according to DIN 14081, mechanized strength grading is gaining in importance in sawmills.


So far, systems for mechanical strength grading were extremely expensive and thus hardly affordable for small and medium-sized companies.


For this reason, we teamed up with the company Brookhuis and developed the cost-effective, budget-friendly „mtgBATCH“ mechanical strength grading system.


The advantages of mechanized strength grading include:


  • reproducible grading results and a consistent grading process regardless of the subjective performance of sorting staff
  • increase in yield, particularly in higher strength classes
  • complete documentation of the grading results as a basis for the in-plant production control required by DIN 14081 to obtain CE certification.
  • grading results are stored in a database and clearly assigned to each bundle/package generated at a later stage
  • labeling of individual boards can be done automatically using a printer or label


Our system:


  • is currently the cheapest strength grading system available on the market that received approval by the renowned Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart (MPA Stuttgart)
  • is among the top-performing approved automatic grading systems when it comes to the yields of higher strength classes
  • can be integrated into existing plants with only little effort


Depending on the requirements, the „mtgBATCH“ system can be delivered in a modular, expandable design:


  1. Single device
    Integration as a single device offers the advantages of a fully mechanical strength grading.
  2. Version with integrated weighing system
    The yield of higher strength classes is increased by the additional determination of the bulk density. The density is calculated from the weight and dimension.
  3. Version with integrated weighing system and FMI humidity measurement system (recognized by MPA Stuttgart)
    By way of the additional integration of humidity measurement (FMI system), the yield can be further increased; the use of this system prior to bonding (finger joints as well as surface gluing) is approved by MPA Stuttgart.

Of course, we also integrate third-party measurement technology into our systems if required.